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Volume 5, Number 29
10 May 1999

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Student Volunteers Honored for Teaching in Local High Schools

Bilkent students who volunteered to teach computer classes in local high schools this year are honored by Dean of Students Zeynep Köksal and Rector Ali Doğramacı. Next to the rector stands Nerman Fenmen, who singlehandedly organized the volunteer classes for the past five years.

Computer Literacy Courses for High School Students is one of the community service programs organized by the Dean of Students. Through it Bilkent students serve as volunteer instructors, teaching basic computer skills to high school students in the less fortunate districts of Ankara. This has been a steadily growing program that concluded its fifth year during the past week. The program was initiated in 1994 with eight student volunteers who taught the basics of word processing and spreadsheet applications to some 90 students from three different schools.

A secondary level began in 1995 when Windows applications were introduced to the students who joined the elementary level course the previous year. The elementary level has continued and the program expanded to include four schools.

This year, yet a third level started on Web page design and computer aided presentation techniques. As a term project, these students were asked to choose a topic, collect information via the Internet and other sources, and prepare a presentation supported with computer-aided techniques they learned during the year. It was a proud group of parents and high-school teachers who watched these students deliver their presentations on topics ranging from the Solar System to Orhan Gencebay (a popular singer of the '80s).

As of 1999, a total of 94 Bilkent students have taken part as volunteers, teaching a grand total of 700 high school students. We thank all Bilkenters who have contributed to the project and hope to see many more take part next year.

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