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Volume 6, Number 16
14 February 2000

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Bilkent News will print classified ads, space permitting. Ads can be placed only by Bilkent University students, faculty or staff. "For Sale" items must be second-hand items and ads of a commercial nature will not be accepted. Only one ad per person per week will be printed.

Bilkent News reserves the right to reject any ad that does not adhere to submission guidelines. It is not responsible for the accuracy or any other aspect of the information provided in the ad. Submissions can be made to with the subject "BilAd."

For Sale: Tipo , 1995 red, 52 thousand kilometers, very good condition.
Call İsmet Ataman at ext. 1319 or 1337.

For Sale: Compaq Presario 1650 Pentium II MMX-226 64 MB/24x CD ROM/4 gB/ 12.1 "TFT/56K/3.5" fdd/Mfgd 12/98 $1300. Contact Sabit at ext. 3912 or 1898 or e-mail

German Lessons: Two native speakers of German would like to teach German to Bilkent students. If interested, please call Mark Laszio Herbert and İlker Vidinlioğlu at (532) 764-9553.

Bilkent News Welcomes Feedback From Readers.
This newsletter will print letters received from readers.
Please submit your letters to
or to the Communications Unit, Engineering Building, room EG-23, ext. 1487.
The Editorial Board will review the letters and print according to available space.