Volume 6, Number 3
11 October 1999

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DOST Club Receives Award

DOST, Doğa Sporları Topluluğu, (Nature Sports Group) is a Bilkent club that saved lives at the Marmara Earthquake. Last week, they were recognized by Student Union for their life-saving efforts at the earthquake site. How do they get trained to perform such an activity? To find out more about the club, Bilkent News talked with Sinan Haliç (BF-3), Işıl Olgunsoy (HART-2), and Burak Galip Akkurt (AMER-3)...

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Also in this issue:

New Student Union Inaugurated

The 13th Student Union of Bilkent University has been inaugurated on September 28 and the Student Union for the 1999-2000 Academic year took office. Due to the recent earthquake, the ceremony was held without any celebration.

The ceremony started with a moment of silence in memory of those who lost their lives at the Marmara earthquake.

As part of the ceremony, the former Student Union president, Murat Küçükali, symbolically turned in his duties to the new Student Union president Evren İnanç Öztürk...

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