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Volume 7, Number 4
9 October 2000

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BISC Planet! Is...
Bilkent International Students Club (BISC) is an active student group in the Bilkent community. Like other student clubs, it operates under the auspices of Bilkent Student Union. BISC also works in close cooperation with the International Center Coordinator, Dr. Saadet Bozkurt. As one of its most important targets, BISC maintains the aim of uniting all students on campus not only integrating the international student body within itself, but also integrating the Turkish and the international students.

The activities of the BISC are numerous, but emphasis is placed primarily on helping international students overcome the difficulties of studying abroad, and easing the strain of studying hard over long periods. BISC achieves this by providing social and recreational-type activities. Such activities include cultural evenings, trips to various interesting regions of Turkey, parties, and other activities (ice-skating, horse-riding, roller-skating) as well as hosting intellectual events like seminars or debates on fiery topics related to their academic and social lives!

BISC has a newly-constructed mailing list. This will provide its members, as well as the whole international community at Bilkent, with a medium through which they can communicate with each other, and discuss and share their experiences and ideas. This mailing list is also intended to form the main bulletin board for BISC activities this year.

BISC thrives on the involvement of its members, and members are impatiently looking forward to seeing you among their ranks. Interested students are invited to attend a cocktail party at the Student Union Building, Z-05, at 6 p.m. on Friday, October 13. For more information, call Deniz at (542) 344 9275 or Saliha at ext. 7028, or e-mail

Arash Repac (POLS/II)

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