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Volume 8, Number 1
September 25, 2001

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Brand New Sports Center Opens

  The new Bilkent Sports Center, located behind the dormitories and blocks 79 and 80, offers a variety of facilities to accommodate the different physical fitness interests of the community.
Upon entering, one finds spacious locker rooms and a shower area, including special facilities for the handicapped. Two mirrored studios and a running/walking track are located on the upper level. One of the studios is for aerobics and step programs. The other studio is a multipurpose room for dance, fencing, and martial arts classes. The state-of-the-art cushioned running/walking track is designed to reduce the risk of injury during activities. It overlooks and encircles the basketball courts.

  The center of attraction on the first floor is the basketball/volleyball court. The lower level of the Sports Center houses three squash courts, a fitness room and a table tennis room. The fitness room holds 10 rowing machines, 15 treadmills, 10 stationary bicycles, 3 sets of cross trainer and weight lifting equipment.                              


   The entire building is heated and air conditioned for users’ comfort. Facility hours are 9:30 a.m. through 10:15 p.m. everyday, seven days a week. In the coming issues we will have an interview with Dr. Hayri Özkan, the director of Physical Education and Sports Center.
So, be part of the action and come join your friends at the new Sports Center.


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