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Volume 8, Number 1
September 25, 2001

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From the Student Union

Dear Friends,
   Firstly, best wishes for a successful academic year for the new comers and the returning students. As the Student Union we are here to involve you in the social life of our university. I can assure you that all 25 members of the Student Union, the executive committee and myself are very enthusiastic for an active year. 
   At present, there are 60 student clubs at Bilkent. This number will certainly increase with newly founded ones and we eagerly support new clubs. However "quality" will be the key criterion in our approach. We know that the clubs are very important in representing Bilkent and the Student Union. We will have a meeting to inform all Bilkent students of the new regulations for opening a new club and for running the existing ones. 
   This year, as a new practice, we have started a "project evaluation committee" that will operate as a review board, with the Student Executive Committee, for projects proposed by clubs. Our objective is to establish a more professional decision-making process.
   An active Student Union is only possible with active student boards, and we would like to have active student boards at Bilkent. The full participation of the student boards and faculty representatives is what we need to achieve successful cooperation. Those student boards that have a list of planned activities will be allocated such financial support as deemed necessary. We need your support for hard working student representatives.
   Please feel free to come and meet the Student Union representatives. We are ready to tell you about our projects and we would be more than happy to hear your ideas. Take the opportunity of participating in a rich array of social activities by joining one or more of those clubs which match your areas of interest. Enjoy your time at Bilkent as you learn about the world.
   Accept my very best wishes for a very successful and productive academic year.

Tolga DEMİR 

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