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Volume 9, Number 18
4 March 2003

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Bilkent News,
I use the new sports faculty frequently and have noticed an increasing number of squash players, which speaks well for the growing interest in the game. I have also observed that the players are not wearing any eye protection.
Squash, like other indoor racquet sports that I have played, can be dangerous. A player can suffer eye damage or even eye loss if hit in the face with a ball or a racquet. With the university’s concern with safety for all Bilkenters, is it possible to require all squash players using Bilkent facilities to wear approved eye protection? Approved sports safety glasses might be made available at the sports hall counter or purchased through the campus sporting goods store. For players who wear prescription eyeglasses, there are companies that manufacture sports glasses with prescription inserts.
Perhaps these prescription sports glasses are available locally and information can be provided to players as to where to buy them? A little money invested here in safety equipment might prevent the loss of someone’s eyesight.
Thank you.

Asst. Prof. Walter Kretchik
Department of History

Response to the Letter:
Dear Dr. Kretchik,
We do appreciate your awareness and concern about the issue regarding squash players not using eye protection while on the Squash Courts. This problem has been a concern of ours as well. Therefore, we have been trying to inform students about the seriousness of this matter through signs, flyers, conversations etc. Also, for this purpose, we have requested that the Bilkent Sports Shop sell quality eye guards, which they began selling in the Fall of 2002.
Instead of making it mandatory, we hope that with the help of individuals like yourself, by educating people about the seriousness and the dangers of not using eye protection, others will follow suit.
We thank you for bringing up this issue, helping to make people aware of the need for protective eyewear.

Dr. Hayri Özkan Director of the Physical Education and Sports Center

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