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Volume 9, Number 18
4 March 2003

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PASO Student Film Festival Concludes

The PASO Student Film Festival took place last week with short film screenings, workshops, exhibitions, parties and cocktails. Students from the Public University of Georgia at Tiflis came as visitors for the festival and participated with films they produced during the 2-day pre-festival workshops.
The festival began with a party on Thursday, February 27. The short film screening took place at the German-Turkish Cultural Association, and 120 films were shown during the 4-day festival period. Moreover, a new media exhibition was held presenting interactive CD_ROMs.
The student films were first selected by a pre-viewing committee which consisted of students from Bilkent University and Ankara University; those selected were screened over the weekend, free of charge to the general public.
This year the films had mainly rural life as their theme, although many different films with various other themes were presented. Moreover, special screenings were held for the guests from Germany and Georgia.
“Belgesel Sinemacýlar Birliđi” (Documentary Moviemakers Association) organized a panel focusing on “Documentary Productions” and presented their sample works. Another panel about “New Media” was held by Andreas Treske, who presided as the Chairman.
The festival came to a conclusion with a lively cocktail party at the German-Turkish Cultural Association.

Ekin Pehlivan (IR/IV)

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