ASELSAN and Bilkent Found Company to Produce Advanced Nanotransistors

17 November 2014 Comments Off on ASELSAN and Bilkent Found Company to Produce Advanced Nanotransistors

ASELSAN and Bilkent University have founded a company, Micro Nano Technologies (AB-MikroNano) Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., for the production of high-power nanotransistors.

The company will manufacture GaN transistors and electronic integrated circuits, which are used in many areas such as radar, high-speed trains, electric cars and 4G cellular phone systems. This will be the first time such devices will be manufactured commercially in Turkey.

The contract establishing the company has been signed by the chairman of the ASELSAN Board, Hasan Canpolat, and the rector of Bilkent University, Prof. Abdullah Atalar.

With support from TÜBİTAK and the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, the GaN semiconductor material-based nanotransistor technology has been developed in Turkey by ASELSAN and Bilkent, with the high-performance transistors being manufactured at the Bilkent University Nanotechnology Research Center (Bilkent NANOTAM).

Bilkent NANOTAM’s director, Prof. Ekmel Özbay, notes that the nanotransistor technology was first developed and tested in the NANOTAM laboratories. The resultant transistors and integrated circuits were then successfully used in field tests conducted at ASELSAN. Their performance in fact exceeded the expected targets, and so ASELSAN and Bilkent made the decision to found a new company to commercialize the technology and know-how developed at Bilkent.

AB-MikroNano is the first spin-off company established by Bilkent University. The Bilkent Technology Transfer Office (Bilkent TTO) is coordinating the transfer of the technology to the joint venture, for which 30 million dollars will be invested. AB-MikroNano will be located within Bilkent Cyberpark, and the nanotechnology-based products manufactured by the new company will not only be used in Turkey, but also exported. Turkey is now among only five countries in the world where the capability exists to develop GaN semiconductor material-based nanotransistor technology.