Bilkent Jaws Looking Forward to Championship Meet, New Pool

10 March 2014 Comments Off on Bilkent Jaws Looking Forward to Championship Meet, New Pool


The construction of the Bilkent University pool, which started in May 2013, is going very well, with plans to finish in time for the 2014 fall semester.

The swimming pool will be 25 meters in length and 15 meters wide, and enclosed for year-round use. The total enclosed area will be approximately 2,000 square meters. The plans also include a terrace for sunning during the summer months. The pool will be located behind the Dormitories Sports Hall, and a covered walkway will connect the two facilities. The entire building is planned to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

With a new, high-technology pool in the works, it seemed a good time to interview Kağan Erbay (EE/II), a member of our university swim team, the Bilkent Jaws. We talked about being a swimmer, the Bilkent Jaws and the new pool.

B.N.:  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in swimming.

K.E.: I’m from Denizli, and I’m studying in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I started swimming at age 11 and became a licensed swimmer when I was 14. I swim the butterfly stroke. I was a swimmer for Denizlispor and also the captain of the team. I won a gold medal at the 2010 national championship meet. I stopped swimming for a while to prepare for the university examination.

B.N.: How much did you train to be a swimmer?

K.E.:  I swam four hours a day, five days a week: two hours in the morning before school and two hours after school.

B.N.: What do you think about our swim team, the Bilkent Jaws?

K.E.: The team was established last year, but I didn’t join it until this year because I hadn’t heard about it. I think the team should get more publicity so it becomes better known. We have 10 women and 10 men. The members include two licensed swimmers, one of whom is on the national team. The other members have had swimming experience as teenagers. I think we have a great team and will see good results at the championship meet in Kayseri this May.

B.N.: What do you think about the new pool?

K.E: I really want it to be finished as soon as possible. I live in Dorm 77 beside the pool, and I can’t wait to start to swimming there. Right now, we have practice at another school’s pool, which is difficult and time consuming. After the pool is finished, I believe our team will do even better. Speaking more generally, swimming is a great sport for people who want to improve their health and fitness, and I believe the pool will help Bilkent to be a healthier community.

We thank Kaan for the interview and wish him and the Jaws good luck in their upcoming meets.

Team Members: Ömer Burak Kınay, Doğukan Oğuz Sert, İmegesu Çetin, Cem Obuz, Sinem Savaşer, Zeynep Ertüz, Ece Türk, Ali Baran Bayraktar, İlteriş Karakuş, Kağan Erbay, İlayda Eliş, Melis Atalar, Mesut Halıcıoğlu, Duygu Ekin Güneş, Ece Şahi, Elif Nisa Polat, Kadir Ata Dönmez, Mert Aslaner, Öykü Özçelik.