Bilkent Students’ Project to Compete Among Top 100 in StartUp İstanbul

09 October 2017 Comments Off on Bilkent Students’ Project to Compete Among Top 100 in StartUp İstanbul

An idea originated by Barış Çalışkan, a sophomore-year Economics student at Bilkent, has turned into an enterprise called Marketçi, thanks to contributions from Rıdvan Yeşiloğlu (EE/II), Zeynep Topçu (ECON/II) and Berire Gündüz (CS/IV). Marketçi is a platform that consists of a website and a mobile application, and is envisioned as a way to make shopping easier and purchases less expensive. The project earned the right to participate in the StartUp İstanbul competition by ranking among the top 100 submissions from a total of 20,000.

As a result, the Marketçi team, believing that there is a promising future ahead of their enterprise, will be presenting the idea to over 500 investors in October. Marketçi also is ranked among the top 100 submissions to the Project on the Development of the Ankara Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Enhancing Youth Employment (the Ankara Entrepreneurship Project), which is funded by the Turkish Republic and the European Union and managed by the Ankara Development Agency, and whose contractual authority is the Ministry of Labor and Social Security’s European Unionand Financial Department.


The team members, who say there is still much to be done, hope for the support of all Bilkenters as they prepare for the next step of the competition.