Brand Academy to Begin March 12

03 March 2014 Comments Off on Brand Academy to Begin March 12

The 2014 Brand Academy, organized by the Bilkent Brand Club, will start next week, on March 12, and will continue through April 7. The academy consists of six personal development programs, to take place on six successive Wednesdays. Five of the six programs will each offer a separate certificate to participants, so that those who attend all of the sessions will obtain five certificates. In addition, students taking GE250/251 will earn 160 points for attending the academy.

This series of programs is targeted at giving students practical knowledge concerning skills important for success in the 21st-century business world: teamwork, body language, presentation techniques, face reading, “brand and dream” and interview techniques.

Registration for the 2014 Brand Academy will end March 7. All Bilkent students are welcome to attend. To register, please call (506) 980-8000.