Building on Success, Radio Bilkent Continues to Improve Broadcast Quality

01 May 2018 Comments Off on Building on Success, Radio Bilkent Continues to Improve Broadcast Quality

Radio Bilkent has come a long way since its beginnings in 1995! Its story started when a few Bilkent University students began making unlicensed broadcasts from their dormitory. Seeing the popularity of these broadcasts among Bilkenters, the university administration agreed to support the venture on an official basis as the university’s radio station.

Radio Bilkent initially broadcast at the frequency 106.7; this was later changed to 96.6, as it remains today. The support of the university helped the station improve the quality of its technical facilities and programming; over time, alongside its broadcasts, Radio Bilkent began organizing other activities to enhance campus life.

The Radio Bilkent staff is made up entirely of student volunteers and is divided into two units, broadcasting and public relations. The broadcasting unit includes three subunits: music, news and production. The public relations unit includes subunits for activities and marketing, human resources, and design.

Each semester, new volunteers are chosen to join the station after completing an extensive training process overseen by broadcasting and public relations unit staff members. While Radio Bilkent is like a family for its volunteers, it also gives them valuable workplace experience that will stand them in good stead in the future.

From the moment it was established up through today, Radio Bilkent has, with the support of Bilkent University, continued to advance in terms of both its broadcasting and its vision. The staff has worked very hard to improve the technical quality of the station’s broadcasts in parallel with changing trends and technologies.

Most recently, the link and processor equipment was changed this year, taking Radio Bilkent a step further and giving Ankara listeners the opportunity to hear the station’s popular broadcasts more clearly than ever.

“In 2018,” declare Radio Bilkent staff members, “we’ve managed to reach out to more people with the improvements in our broadcasting and the new events and activities we’ve organized. With the greater quality of our broadcasts, we, as Bilkent students, are pleased to make our voice heard clearly by everyone in Ankara, and we appreciate the support we receive from our university.”