Byzantium Comes to Ankara

14 October 2019 Comments Off on Byzantium Comes to Ankara

On collaboration with the Hacettepe University Department of Art History, the Bilkent University Department of History has organized a seminar series on the history and culture of the Byzantine Empire. Talks and other events in the “Byzantium at Ankara” series will take place throughout the 2019–2020 academic year, hosted by both universities. The program is being put together by Assoc. Prof. Sercan Yandım of Hacettepe and Asst. Prof. Luca Zavagno of Bilkent.

“Byzantium at Ankara” will feature local and visiting scholars, whose presentations will cover various aspects of the history, archaeology and art history of the Byzantine Empire. The aim is, in addition to conveying knowledge about these topics, to help raise awareness among young scholars, graduate students and academicians concerning innovative interdisciplinary approaches to Byzantine studies.

A highlight of the series will be a full-day workshop titled “The Byzantine Countryside: Insular and Coastal Perspectives,” scheduled to take place in Bilkent’s C-Block Auditorium on Friday, December 6. Participants will include scholars from universities in Germany, Italy, Spain and the US as well as Turkey.

Other events on the schedule include several talks to be given at Hacettepe. The first will take place this Thursday, October 17 at 10 a.m. in the university’s Tuğrul İnal Hall, with Ivana Jevtic of Koç University speaking. More information on the series may be found at