Career Center Invites Bilkenters to “Stalk” Their Career Opportunities

28 February 2017 Comments Off on Career Center Invites Bilkenters to “Stalk” Their Career Opportunities

While you might be embarrassed to be caught stalking that girl or guy you’ve fallen for, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing your career crush! In fact, it’s a great way to prepare for the future.

“Career Stalking,” a series of events organized by the Career Center in collaboration with the Bilkent IEEE Student Branch, Management and Economics Club, Engineering Society and Operational Research Club, is about to get underway. It will feature a wide variety of seminars, talks and informal meetings that will help students become better acquainted with the career possibilities that await them after graduation.

This is your chance to meet representatives from various employment sectors in Turkey, and a great opportunity to learn more about the kinds of jobs you might want to choose from.

The series will begin on February 22 and run through April 14. During those weeks, be sure to reserve the lunch break and after-class hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Career Stalking events.

For more information, contact the Career Center at ext. 2624 or 2958.


This week’s Career Stalking events:


“Process and System Analysis in IT,” by Burak Gökhan Sünbül (IE ’13), Senior Business Analyst, Doğuş Technology, February 28, at 12:30 p.m., in FEASS C-Block Auditorium


“What Should I Do to Work in International Organizations/NGOs?”, by Ömer Kavuk (IR ’10), Communications Assistant, United Nations Development Program, March 1, at 12:30 noon, in FEASS

C-Block Auditorium