Closure Songs – Farewell to Bilkent News

01 May 2018 Comments Off on Closure Songs – Farewell to Bilkent News


Although this whole experience has felt like calling out to a crowd, I’m aware of the possibility that my words may have reached fewer people than I believed, hoped or dreamed of. Still, it’s been great watching my own growth over time, and being appreciated for something I loved doing. When I put “writing” under “personal interests” in my résumé, I can’t help but feel hopeful about it, dreaming that one day it will be a more central part of my life. Having completed two semesters as a columnist has made me think about deadlines, inspirations and reflections even more than my work in my own department, where as translators we often deal with these issues.
You must have figured out where this is going, so here are my suggestions for background music for all of your closure moments.

Silk – Wolf Alice
If the closure in question makes you feel down, sometimes it works to love that down. Embracing sadness, grief or regret – or any other sort of pain, for that matter – enables us to live with it. Every one of us experiences such times, but only a few of us can feel in our bones that these moods are what make us human. I, personally, can’t imagine a life that doesn’t make me, at different times, cry or laugh; isolate myself or step out; watch the ceiling or dance, shouting my favorite songs at the top of my voice. “Silk” is for shouting it to the walls; it’s a song for the lonelier times in life. We could call it a tool for coping.
Rapture – Tom Walker
You cried, you yelled, you rolled over and shed tears. At some point, if you find just one thing to fight for or against, one aspect to hold on to and make into a purpose, then you’ll hear a war cry rising from your insides, pumping you up to get up and get out. “Rapture” is the song for when you start walking, with a mind made up. Maybe your chin has been down for a while; maybe your feet aren’t used to this tempo. It doesn’t matter, because they’ll keep up with you, and soon you’ll start running again.
It Ain’t Me – Kygo and Selena Gomez
Whatever or whoever it was that put you in that situation, this is the song that will make you sure that there’s no going back to it/them. You’re out, you’re free, and it’s okay for you to smile.
Awake – Tycho
I may have written about this song before, but I can’t think of a better tune to help you move on. I believe when things end, they leave us changed. These newer versions of ourselves are improved, in that they have become more aware of the dynamics of life. Although some may have other theories about this, these dynamics don’t have a standardized way of working. Nothing is certain, and everything is random. The thing that happened to us happened due to nothing in particular. It could have happened another way, but it happened this way. There’s no hidden cause behind it. So, there’s only one thing that we can gain from this; there’s no reason for us to stay upset. We can, and I believe we should, enjoy and embrace that period, but we have to move on. “Awake,” as the title suggests, can help us reach that level of awareness. And once we do, it’s amazing that we don’t easily forget how to achieve it – meaning that this is a skill we can obtain in the course of life, and those who master it can be at peace more of the time than those who don’t.
This is all from me. I’ll go and discover more music – and, who knows, maybe I’ll come back and share it with you. Have a beautiful summer!