Coming to the End…

25 April 2017 Comments Off on Coming to the End…


I am a senior student at Bilkent, and as we are already more than halfway through this semester, it means I have only five weeks left on this beautiful campus. In most areas of our lives, we become more and more aware of the importance of a thing or a time as it is coming to an end. When we know that we are about to lose something, we bond to it so much the more because the sense of loss makes us realize its importance. In fact, it might be the case that we already realize this, but still, our positive feelings toward that thing increase even more.

I don’t know whether such a phenomenon is discussed in the literature, but what I have observed about myself and my friends is that our commitment to Bilkent and our desire to do things on campus has increased this year, and especially this semester. I want to enjoy each second on campus and spend much more time here. Coming to the end, thinking of all the good moments I have spent here makes me happy in a way, but also I feel a sense of sadness when I think that these are the last times that will be this meaningful to us.

I would agree that Bilkent University is challenging in terms of the workload we have. It is not easy to carry out all the responsibilities each course requires, because for each course you really need to learn something and challenge yourself. You need to do lots of assignments, attend class, engage in group projects, complete midterms and so on. And in addition to these academic activities, Bilkent offers us a great variety of extracurricular activities. There are many student clubs with many different purposes. You can easily find one among them that appeals to you. In fact, most people will find more than one club or type of activity they would like to participate in.

For those who would like to socialize, build good relationships and express themselves, Bilkent also offers a wide variety of student profiles. You can meet just about any kind of person on campus, and with such a variety of people around you, you can learn many kinds of things.

When I think of the time I have spent at Bilkent so far, the memories are mostly good, even though the curriculum is challenging. Now it is almost time to say farewell, and I have bittersweet feelings. I will never again have the opportunity to call my friends and say, “Let’s eat lunch at the Spring Fest area.” Even if we come back and spend time here, I know it will never be the same as being a student. Just having such a great campus, with this much space to feel calm, enjoy the spring and take photos of the great views each season of the year, is very special.

What I would say to ongoing students is, enjoy your college years. When you realize that you will soon have to say good-bye, you will want time to stop. It is very pleasant to be graduating, but it is not pleasant at all to be leaving Bilkent. When you come to the end of your studies here, don’t regret the things you didn’t do; instead, value the opportunities you have had at Bilkent. I am so grateful that I remember the time I spent here as wonderful, and in most cases have no regrets about not having done things. It is so torturous if you feel that you could have spent your time in a different way than you did, so be aware that the end will come and you will want to have spent your time here in the best way possible.

With regard to my friends at Bilkent, I am not upset to be leaving because it is obvious that we will continue to see each other, but meeting them at a regular café will never be the same as meeting them at MA Starbucks.

What I can say from the bottom of my heart is that Bilkent is the place where I have found out who I am and gotten to know myself better. I always believe in the magic of endings, because when one thing ends, it means that a new beginning is waiting for you. Thank you, Bilkent, for providing me all these opportunities – you will always be missed. Now, let’s prepare ourselves for another new beginning in our lives!