Fall Swim Challenge Top Finishers Announced

11 December 2017 Comments Off on Fall Swim Challenge Top Finishers Announced

The fall 2017 “Sports as a Way of Life” Swim Challenge ended on November 24. Of the 111 individuals who participated in the challenge, 18 succeeded in collecting at least 120 points by swimming on a regular basis during the preceding five weeks.

The challenge was held at the Sports Center swimming pool with the goal of encouraging students to exercise regularly and stay healthy.

All participants are to be congratulated for their commitment to swimming. The top finishers (listed below), along with all other participants who collected at least 120 points, will receive awards as well as surprise gifts at a reception to take place at 6 p.m. on December 23.



  1. Serkan Sarıtaş
  2. Alp Bayraktar
  3. Ömer Faruk Filiz


  1. Duygu Albayrak
  2. Miri Besken
  3. Banu Helvacıoğlu