From the Rector

21 April 2020 Comments Off on From the Rector

Photograph by Aydın Ramazanoğlu, April at Bilkent

Dear Members of the Bilkent Community,

As we get used to learning, teaching and working from a distance at Bilkent, all members of our community are working hard to continue our core operations in an uninterrupted fashion.

Our technical staff did a wonderful job of migrating our teaching operations to the online environment.

Our faculty enthusiastically adopted a new medium of teaching, with all its novel challenges and opportunities.

Going through a significant disruption in their learning routines, our students once again proved their agility, adaptability and conscientiousness. We are proud of their perseverance and “no-excuses” approach to their own learning processes in the face of adversity.

I once again thank all Bilkenters for their patience and ongoing support as we continue our work under the conditions imposed by the struggle against COVID-19.

Spring is upon us, and you all know what a beautiful place the Bilkent campus becomes at this time of year. What we have realized this year is that what makes it really beautiful is our campus community – our students, faculty and employees. I hope that this period will soon pass, and we will again come together on our campus and celebrate many springs to come.

I wish you all good health.

Rector Abdullah Atalar