GazeteBilkent Media Summit to Take Place at CerModern

03 March 2014 Comments Off on GazeteBilkent Media Summit to Take Place at CerModern

GazeteBilkent is holding a “Media Summit” on March 8-9 at CerModern. The event will bring together many well-known speakers from the print and broadcast media. If you want to meet them, hear what they have to say and ask questions, you are invited to attend the summit. Students taking GE250/251 will receive 180 points.

Media Summit Speakers
Bekir Coşkun – Journalist, Writer
Geveze Radio Host
Fatih Portakal – Presenter
Cem Coşkun – Bloomberg HT General Manager
Eurosport Team – Eurosport Presenters
Prof. Hasan Tahsin Fendoğlu – RTÜK Deputy Chairman
Fuat Akdağ – NTV Sports Executive Editor
Mehmet Demirkol – Football Commentator, Journalist
Zaytung Crew
Engin Altan Düzyatan, Actor

Shuttle service will be provided between Bilkent and CerModern. Lunch at CerModern and snacks (by Tat Pastanesi) during the breaks are included in the entrance fee.

Entrance Fee: 30 TL

Tickets will be sold at GazeteBilkent stands in the front of A Building, Speed Cafe and N Building on East Campus.

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