Health Center Offers Help for Smokers Who Want to Quit

16 December 2013 Comments Off on Health Center Offers Help for Smokers Who Want to Quit


Last week, on Wednesday, Bilkent Library hosted an interactive workshop entitled “You Too Can Quit!” for Bilkenters who smoke but would like to stop. The aim of the workshop was to offer participants advice on how to quit and active encouragement to do so.

On December 11, Dr. S. Başak Soyluoğlu from the East Campus Health Center provided some basic information about smoking and its dangers and underlined the importance of getting support during the process of quitting. Dr. Soyluoğlu stated that it is only possible to quit smoking through the desire of the smoker and the help of a doctor.

The meeting was an interactive one, in which participants had a chance to share their own experiences and talk about the psychological and physical problems related to nicotine addiction. In addition, a questionnaire was given to all participants to assess their addiction level.

If you want to get more help, please contact the Main Campus Quit Smoking Clinic, run by neurologist Kamuran Kuş. The clinic is trying to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, especially among the young. At the East Campus Health Center, students and personnel can ask Dr. Soyluoğlu for help in quitting smoking.

Printed here is the Fagerström Test, the questionnaire that Dr. Soyluoğlu handed out during the workshop for those wishing to assess their addiction level.

Fagerström Test

How many cigarettes a day do you smoke?

10 or fewer (0 points); 11-20

(1 point); 21-30 (2 points); 31+ (3 points)

How soon after you wake up do you smoke your first cigarette?

Within 5 minutes (3 points); 6-30 minutes (2 points); 30+ minutes (1 point)

Do you find it difficult not to smoke in places where smoking is not allowed, like in the library or at the movies?

No (0 points); Yes (1 point)

Which cigarette would you be most unwilling to give up?

The first one in the morning

(1 point); Any other (0 points)

Do you smoke more during the first hours of the morning than during the rest of the day?

No (0 points); Yes (1 Point)

Do you smoke when you’re ill and in bed all day?

No (0 points); Yes (1 point)


0-2 Low Dependence

3-7 Moderate Dependence

8-10 High Dependence