How to Be Mentally and Emotionally Strong

15 April 2019 Comments Off on How to Be Mentally and Emotionally Strong

Life is a journey, and sometimes it’s tough vacillating between being yourself and being liked. I can assure you that being yourself brings more peace than anyone else’s love does. It takes courage and strength – but it’s worth it. To help you with this, here are some tips for becoming mentally and emotionally stronger – things I wish I’d known when I was younger.

Spend Time With Nature

Nature is the most real and beautiful thing in this whole world. It’s our mother and father; it’s where we belong. Touching leaves, observing animals, listening to the birds sing, hearing the sound of water and experiencing the many other beauties you can find in nature relaxes your body and soul. As a result, you start having a more positive mindset and learn how to be “in the moment.”

Don’t Hide Your Emotions

Maybe because of gender bias, men in particular tend to hide how they feel. Emotions are meant to be expressed in some way; that’s why we feel them. Otherwise they poison us over time, and we start having mental breakdowns every once in a while; even our health worsens. There are many ways to express emotions, ranging from showing or talking about them right away, to expressing them in writing or art. Find the way that is most suitable for you, but never ignore your feelings.

Exercise Regularly

I’m sure that at least once in your life, after a tiring workout session and a warm shower, you’ve all felt that amazing sense of satisfaction and self-confidence. There are a couple of reasons for this: first, while exercising, your body releases endorphins, which are sometimes called “the happiness and satisfaction hormones.” Keep in mind that these hormones also sharpen your mind and help you concentrate better. Second, taking care of your body and getting in shape makes you healthier as well as more self-confident.

Say Goodbye to Your Addictions and Attachments

Never, ever hand your life rudder over to anyone or anything, especially when you know it will harm you. You’re the only person in this world you can trust completely; everyone else is, naturally, thinking of themselves first. So free yourself from your chains; you don’t need anyone or anything to define you, fulfill you and make you feel good.

Learn to Say No

Sometimes, saying yes to others means saying no to yourself. Don’t do that. A simple example of this would be going along with your friends’ plans to go out on a Friday evening, just because they want you to come with them. But instead, you had been planning to stay home and watch a nice movie with your dog, right? Then do it. Know when to spend time on your own and just rest.

If You Can’t Talk About It, Then Write

Some of us are, like me, more comfortable writing about something than talking about it. Don’t worry; writing is like thinking twice. It’s safer, and it allows you to organize your thoughts; so especially when you have to make a decision, it helps you begin to see everything more clearly and decide more healthily.

Ask For Help

We’re all human, and we need to share our burdens, to hold each other’s hands. When you have a problem, try talking to, if not an expert, someone you really trust or someone who has had a similar experience. We’re not experts in everything, so know when to ask for help, and whom to ask.

Take Care of Yourself

Make yourself a priority. Because if you don’t love yourself, then who will? And how else can you love others? Pay attention to your diet, get enough sleep, make sports a part of your routine, and don’t stress over things you can’t change . . . in fact, don’t stress at all. It’s bad for your health.

Dress Well

How can you respect yourself and cause others to respect you? Dress well. How can you be more self-confident? Dress well. By dressing well, I don’t mean wandering around like “Men in Black,” but rather being your own kind of beautiful and paying attention to the way you look. Be natural, be balanced, but be well-groomed. Yes, looks aren’t everything, but we’re not living in a world of spirits. We have bodies, and they’re the first thing we judge even ourselves by looking at.

Enjoy “Alone Time”

I left this to the end, because it’s what makes the biggest difference in your journey to being strong. Treat yourself like you’re someone you really love and respect. Because, after all, who else do we have? While working on this, I started taking myself out on dates regularly, like you’d take a girlfriend/boyfriend. I took myself to the cinema and dinner, another day we (me, myself and I) went to my favorite park and read a book, yet another day we visited my primary school, and the list goes on; I remember every single thing. Alone time is priceless. I learned much more about myself while spending time on my own.

Hopefully, this list will help you to become stronger both mentally and emotionally. I know it’s a tough journey, but once you’ve started it will get easier. Never look back; there’s no doubt that you’ll like the “new you” better.