IR Seminar Series Continues to Examine Environmental Issues

18 November 2013 Comments Off on IR Seminar Series Continues to Examine Environmental Issues

Alper Acar, the sector manager responsible for environment and climate change in the EU Delegation to Turkey, recently took part in the seminar series being held as part of the IR 4123 Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development course.

Mr. Acar provided a comprehensive view of why and how climate change is happening. He also explained the negotiations conducted under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. His presentation was followed by a discussion session.

In the course of his remarks, Mr. Acar expressed his belief that climate change is now a scientific reality threatening ecosystems around the globe. Unless proper mitigating and adaptative measures are taken, he cautioned, the human species will suffer to an unimaginable extent. He further explained that although the phenomenon is global, the effects of climate change will have different impacts at the national and local levels, so that it may not necessarily be increased temperatures but rather floods or droughts that will be experienced in a particular region.

The IR 4123 seminar series will continue with additional guest speakers giving presentations on a number of interesting topics. All Bilkent students are very welcome to attend. The next seminar, featuring a speaker from the Regional Environmental Center (REC), will take place on Friday, November 29, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.