Library Lecture Series to Open With Talk on the Turkish Economy in a Global Context

19 October 2015 Comments Off on Library Lecture Series to Open With Talk on the Turkish Economy in a Global Context

This year’s Library Lunchtime Lecture series will kick off on Wednesday this week with an exciting talk by Prof. Erinç Yeldan (ECON), entitled “Pictures from an Economist’s Exhibition: Reflections on the Global and Turkish Economy.” In his lecture, Prof. Yeldan will consider the changes in Turkey’s economy during recent decades in the context of worldwide developments. Specifically, he will suggest that 1980 can be regarded as a critical turning point for the global economy. According to political economist David Harvey, for example, capitalism has been operating under a different structure since the 1980s. A crucial determinant of this “new structure” is the ascendancy of finance over industry, and the overall financialization of the global system. Turkey—being part of this global entity as a peripheral (late) capitalist economy—has also been subject to these dynamics. It can be observed, in general, that Turkish growth has been following an excessively volatile and declining trend. Prof. Yeldan will argue that an important characteristic of the Turkish growth pattern has been its speculative-led character, with a structural overdependence of economic activity on the inflows of (short-term) foreign finance. The rising current account (foreign) deficit, low productivity gains with increased fragmentation and duality of the labor markets, and excessive foreign debt accumulation are all different facets of this process. The lecture will take place in the Main Campus Library Art Gallery from 12:40 to 1:30 p.m. on October 21. It will be in English, and lunchtime refreshments will be provided. Come early to be guaranteed a seat!

Also, this week the Library is launching a song lyric competition for students: contestants must rewrite the lyrics of a famous Turkish- or English-language popular song of their choice, with special reference to libraries or Bilkent Library in particular. The competition will run for one month, and submissions will be judged by an anonymous jury of Bilkent instructors and librarians. The competition is open to all Bilkent undergraduates, and remember, you don’t need to be a musician or songwriter to take part! For details of the competition and its rules, see our website at:

As midterms are now starting at Bilkent, students should remember that the Library is a comfortable and intellectually stimulating place to prepare for examinations. We wish you good luck in your exams, and hope to see you at the Library soon.