Love Life, Live to Love

20 November 2017 Comments Off on Love Life, Live to Love


Too simple to fit in four letters, too wide to overflow from the endless sky. Life. It is easy to pronounce, but hard to describe. It is more than a term, or at least different from an objective matter. If there are 7.6 billion people in this world, then there are 7.6 billion different lives. Each and every one is unique and special. Thus no single recognition of “life” can be the same for billions of people.
As the conception and the meaning of life vary between individuals, the way they live it differs, too. People often say: “It’s not certain where life will take us.” No; it is perfectly certain. The starting point was birth, and the destination will be death. What is not certain is the road that leads to the final destination – the choices, preferences, and everything else besides. There are ups and downs, anytime, always, for everyone.

When the sun shines in a clear sky, birds sing on flowering trees, and family members all laugh together, life is beautiful. In such times, moods are always good, nothing is missing, and everything is exactly enough: nothing less and nothing more. Those times of life are full of joy and gratefulness. You smile, laugh, dance, thank and live more. You cry, think, pray and suffer less.
But for every good, there is a bad. After summer, comes the winter. Life is also like that. There are not only good times, but also harder ones that follow. Sometimes, your life feels like “you only believed in one thing, and it turned out to be a lie.” But never mind this feeling. Divide the world into two: lies and reality. Throw everything into the “lie” category. Only one thing should go under the “reality” heading: love. If you somehow love something or someone, you will be creating your own reality – one more real than all the other reals. And this “loving” is not by words alone, but by heart and mind. Loving means believing; believing means wanting. And if there is a will, there is always a possibility. By loving, it is possible to establish new rules, new standards and a whole new life.
It is hard to survive, but harder to “live.” In order to live in this world, we need love. We need to love at least something, so that it will connect us to life. We need it like our lungs need air, our eyes need sight, our ears need sound. These “needs” are not required for existence; lungs, eyes, ears already exist without them. But they are necessary for the meaning of existence, for function. Without air, what would circulate in the lungs? Without sight, what would be the reason for the existence of the eyes? And if there were no sound, would you still want ears? Love too is like that, for the heart. A heart would still exist, beating and pumping blood. But love gives a rhythm to the beat, and speed to the flow of the blood.
In our miraculous lives, nothing is a coincidence. There is always a reason or a purpose and a result in everything. Every little event is connected to others. Have you ever thought about the genesis of our bodies, especially the common feature among the organs that are necessary for our senses? Except for the heart, they all exist in pairs. We are born with a body, two eyes, two ears and a heart. This is because one day, we will be sharing them. People need to see, hear, think and feel together to love. They want to love, and to be loved. That is why we have two of those organs: to share them with the one we love. And only one heart, because we need the other’s heart as well for real and eternal love. Thus, even the existence of our material bodies is not a coincidence; everything makes us believe in love.
Love has many perspectives. Love your family, your friends, your valentine, animals, nature or anything. When you learn to love one, you will love the others as well. At the root of any kind of issue is lack of love. As soon as a person learns to feel and show love, no problem will remain unsolved. In the end, you will love the life that has been given to you as a gift. Loving life will be so amazing that you will start to truly live, and to love more.