Media Summit to Take Place This Weekend

07 March 2016 Comments Off on Media Summit to Take Place This Weekend

GazeteBilkent is holding its fourth Media Summit this weekend, March 12-13. The summit will bring to Bilkent many distinguished journalists from the print and broadcast media.

If you would like to meet them, hear what they have to say and ask questions, you are invited to attend the event, which will take place at the Bilkent Concert Hall. The summit is aimed especially at students who are thinking of pursuing a career in the media, as well as anyone who is simply interested in hearing the speakers discuss their insights and experiences.

The guest speakers will be:

Osmantan Erkır (producer, anchor)

İskender Paydaş (musician, arranger, producer)

Attilla Dorsay (critic, author, journalist, architect)

Okan Can Yantır (GQ magazine editor-in-chief)

Nazlı Çelik (Star TV newscaster)

Seda Öğretir (NTV anchor)

Cem Öğretir (ATV anchor)

Bağış Erten (sportswriter, commentator)

Nur Batur (journalist, writer, academician)

Dilan Bozyel (photographer)

Muhsin Akgün (photographer)

Funda Karayel (editor, announcer, film critic)

Names of additional guests will be announced in the coming days!

Tickets are available at both the Biletix and Medya Zirvesi stands in front of A Building, N Building and Speed Cafe.