Music to Survive Midterms Week: Part II

12 March 2018 Comments Off on Music to Survive Midterms Week: Part II


The cunning shadow of the midterm week is slowly falling over Bilkent, and the time leading up to it needs aptly luminous music to curate the average student’s mood swings. The following albums provide everything from dedicated focus to occasional dancing, and will hopefully serve as a certain kind of remedy for the problem at hand: a seemingly unending list of things to do.


Kamasi Washington: “Harmony of Difference” (EP)

The new jazz mastermind Kamasi Washington’s latest release is a refined selection of his best work yet, slouching from deep meditative jazz to funky arrangements that are forward thinking and inward looking. The saxophonist really transforms the space for you, and makes studying a breeze. Clocking in at half an hour, it’s an album to be cherished and listened to on repeat.

Kerem Görsev: “Relaxing”
This 1997 release from Turkish jazz mastermind Kerem Görsev is a triumph. All 12 songs have different characteristics, yet come together to form a beautiful sonic construct. Their smoky quality will definitely put you in the mood to study; just be careful not to distract yourself with too much foot shaking to the rhythm.

Real Estate: “Days”
The second album by indie darlings Real Estate is a moody landscape of easy guitar tracks filled with nostalgic sentimentality. It’s prodigious in its understanding of folk music, as it works around the genre’s traditions to build a mesmerizing sound that’s completely refined and contemporary. The album feels like a Sunday afternoon – relaxed and by definition peaceful. It gives you the much-needed strength to read, and maybe even to understand.

Girls: “Broken Dreams Club” (EP)

The short-lived musical career of the band Girls produced three albums of distinct influence on the indie landscape of the 2010s; “Broken Dreams Club” is perhaps their greatest release, even though it’s not technically a full-length album. This seven-track EP sways in every moody direction, from lushly introspective to flirtatiously mischievous. It will hopefully provide much-needed heartening in this week of occasional despair.

Bonobo: “Late Night Tales”
“Late Night Tales” is a series of artist-curated compilation albums, and the result of DJ and producer Bonobo’s curation is as close to a harmony-based sculpture of concentration as an album can get. These lush instrumental tracks are the perfect fit for a deep (late-night) study session.

Art Department: “Renaissance: The Mix Collection”
The Canadian house duo’s hour-long set compilation includes sleek disco percussion and uncompromisingly snappy and key-changing house tracks. This album is perhaps more suitable for relaxed studying, since it can be a good companion that will surely lift your mood and make you feel like it’s Friday night.