New Club Off to a Running Start

25 February 2020 Comments Off on New Club Off to a Running Start

A new sports activity has gotten underway at Bilkent! Last Thursday, 20 people participated in the first training run organized by the Bilkent Running Club, an initiative launched as part of the Sports as a Way of Life program. Beginners ran 3 km, while intermediate-level runners completed 6 km.

The Running Club – also known as the Bilkent Road Runners – offers Bilkenters an opportunity to run outdoors with a group on Thursdays. The basic route used by the group is in the form of a round trip between Main Campus and East Campus, with a longer 10 km route passing through the residence areas.

Depending on interest, more training days may be added in the near future, so watch for an update more information. Meanwhile, whether you’re already a runner or would like to start running, you’re welcome to join the group on Thursdays.