New Housing Options in Bilkent Dormitories

25 March 2019 Comments Off on New Housing Options in Bilkent Dormitories


With their construction nearing completion, Dormitories 81 and 82 are expected to become operational for the fall semester of the 2019–2020 academic year. The accommodations in these dormitories, which have the capacity to house 808 students, consist of double rooms with private baths. In addition, plans are underway to convert the current double and triple rooms with bunk beds in Dormitories 54, 55, 60, 61, 62, 63, 76, 90 and 91 into regular-bed single and double rooms, so that there will be no dormitory rooms with bunk beds by the beginning of the new academic year.

There are also new developments with respect to accommodation offerings for comprehensive scholarship students. Based on availability, upper-class students on comprehensive scholarships who are in successful status will now have the option of moving to standard single rooms. In addition, highly successful comprehensive scholarship students who satisfy certain additional criteria will be able to stay in Dormitories 81 and 82 without paying extra charges. For detailed information, please visit