New T’ai Chi Course to Start Soon at the Sports Center

23 September 2013 Comments Off on New T’ai Chi Course to Start Soon at the Sports Center

T’ai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise. It combines gentle flowing movements with breathing exercises to improve health and relaxation by cultivating the inner energy of the body (chi). The gentle movements of T’ai Chi make it suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness, and the health benefits can be felt after just a few sessions. Secondary benefits of T’ai Chi include increased flexibility and better balance, improved concentration, a better ability to deal with stress and a calmer state of mind. T’ai Chi is based on the principles of Taoism; it is holistic and considers the physical, emotional and spiritual states to be linked. It enables the health of all three to be improved.

Lee-Style Tai Chi (SportsCenterCourse)

Lee-style T’ai Chi is an old “family” form. It was brought toEnglandfromChinain the 1930s by grandmaster Chan Lee. He taught it to his adopted nephew Chee Soo, and together they set up schools inEnglandand all over the world to teach and preserve the Lee-style family form. The T’ai Chi that we teach is unchanged and complete, unlike many modern forms. A typical class includes warm-up exercises, T’ai Chi Dance, T’ai Chi Form, Chi Gung (Taoist yoga), Tao Yin (breathing exercises), sticky hands, Li/Chi development exercises, partner exercises and sensitivity training. All of these things are taught to all students.

We have no segregation of levels, and students progress at their own pace. Wear loose-fitting clothing and comfortable indoor shoes.

Time: Thursdays, 6:40-8:10 p.m.

Fee: 50 TL

Place: Dormitories Sports Hall

Starting Date: October 3

For Info: Dr.Daniel Press