Nursing Home Residents Welcome “Morale Children” Into Their Hearts

28 February 2017 Comments Off on Nursing Home Residents Welcome “Morale Children” Into Their Hearts


In the world that we exist in, there are lots of overlooked, forgotten and even unheeded matters: things that can be perceived by us as very insignificant while meaning the world to those in need. Affecting and giving meaning to other’s lives may be one of those overlooked things. Whether it’s bringing a smile to a child’s face or becoming a source of hope for an elder, these are all pieces of a puzzle that lead to creating a better world.

When it comes to answering the frequent question concerning what we do in the Morale Child Project—one of the 14 ongoing TDP volunteer projects—we proudly say that the aim is to make the world brighter for our elders who are in need. The program involves visiting nursing homes every Saturday and making the residents feel that they are not alone. Our activities vary from visit to visit, so that listening to their memories from earlier times or losing ourselves in music and dance are all included on the schedule.

The most important point is that we become the children of the elderly people who otherwise might be forgotten and left alone for the rest of their lives. We share the day with them, while remembering the past and looking forward to the future. Their words demonstrate the bond we create during our visits. The way they put us in the actual place of their children touches us deeply and affects both them and us. Not only do we become their children;  they also become our aunts, uncles and even, almost, parents. They wait for us to bring joy into their lives while at the same time they prepare us for the realities of this life with their advice and experience. Remember, they are looking forward to seeing their Morale Children.

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