Radio Bilkent Welcomes One of Its Favorite Listeners to the Studio

16 December 2019 Comments Off on Radio Bilkent Welcomes One of Its Favorite Listeners to the Studio

On Monday of last week, during the evening rush-hour program “Drive Time,” Radio Bilkent hosted one of its fans in the studio. Ali Topçu, who is visually impaired, appeared on the broadcast in connection with the International Day of Persons With Disabilities, celebrated each year on December 3.

Mr. Topçu was invited to appear on the program to discuss the “question of that day” – in this case, life with a disability – after having communicated with the station in the past.

In his remarks, he highlighted the topic of disability and employment, noting that it had been challenging for him to obtain a job. Eventually, he was hired to distribute Tünel, a magazine that features articles relating the experiences and success stories of disabled individuals. Mr. Topçu now makes an effort to sell the magazine wherever he goes; his hope is to distribute it on university campuses, where it has the potential to reach a large audience and raise students’ awareness of what it is like to be disabled.

Another topic discussed during the broadcast was the vital role that the radio can play for visually impaired people. As one of the Radio Bilkent broadcasters observed, “Radio is a tool that can reach people from various backgrounds.”

It was clear that both the broadcasting team and the guest enjoyed their interaction in the studio during the program, with staffers calling it “a very enriching and mind-opening experience.”