Siyaset Platformu Kulübü Brings Özcan Yeniçeri to Campus

03 November 2014 Comments Off on Siyaset Platformu Kulübü Brings Özcan Yeniçeri to Campus

On October 23, MHP deputy Prof. Özcan Yeniçeri came to Bilkent to give a lecture and answer students’ questions. A considerable number of students attended the lecture.

Prof. Yeniçeri spoke about how today’s Turkey and the world have been shaped, also discussing the main attributes and features of Middle Eastern and Islamic countries. He explained the long processes of development involved by giving examples from history.

Following the lecture, Prof. Yeniçeri answered questions from the audience, most of which concerned current issues in politics and his party’s ideology. He made the point that the idea that the MHP is purely an anticommunist party is not correct.

At the conclusion of the event, Prof. Yeniçeri expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to speak before the Bilkent community, thanked the Bilkent Siyaset Platformu Kulübü, which had organized the event, and accepted a plaque from the club’s officers.