“Sports as a Way of Life” Tournaments

21 March 2017 Comments Off on “Sports as a Way of Life” Tournaments

The intramural tournaments organized as part of the “Sports as a Way of Life” program are underway, with an impressive number of teams and participants (see below). Not surprisingly, football was the most popular choice, with 470 students signed up to play on 57 teams. But basketball and volleyball also received a lot of interest, together attracting nearly 329 participants.

To see how your favorite teams are doing, check out the “Sports as a Way of Life” Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BilkentSporYasamdir), where the game scores and team standings will appear throughout the tournament season. All of the tournaments will wrap up by the first week of May.


3-on-3 Basketball Tournament: 24 teams, 116 students

Football Tournament: 41 teams, 347 students

4-on-4 Volleyball Tournament: 11 teams, 79 students


5-on-5 Basketball Tournament: 12 teams, 93 students

Football Tournament: 16 teams, 123 students

Volleyball Tournament: 5 teams, 41 students