Students’ Photo Contest App “RichiePic” Wins Award at Entrepreneurship Summit

23 March 2015 Comments Off on Students’ Photo Contest App “RichiePic” Wins Award at Entrepreneurship Summit

RichiePic, a photo contest application created by Bilkent students Eren Kırımlı (IE), Tunç Tuğcu (EEE) and Melih Ekmekçi (CS), was one of the projects selected from among 2,500 entries to receive an award at the 2015 Etohum Entrepreneurship Summit.

Etohum is a marketplace that brings entrepreneurs who want to establish their own internet companies together with existing companies, investors and professionals. Many entrepreneurs and expert professionals participated in this year’s summit.

The creators of RichiePic foresee this application providing a clever and unique design take on photography contests. These days, people use photo-sharing apps very frequently but cannot compete with each other on these platforms. To do that, they must create topics or hashtags.

The idea behind RichiePic is to present a real photo contest experience without the need for hashtags or topics. With this platform, users can share their photos anonymously, collect votes from other users, and have a chance to be the winner at the end of the week.

“Unlike its competitors,” say the application’s creators, “RichiePic will stimulate an ongoing addiction, so that sharing photos won’t be just a temporary whim. The catalysts fueling this process will be both the urge to compete, and the thrill of victory.”