Technology Enthusiasts Flock to Bilkent for Mobile Days

14 April 2014 Comments Off on Technology Enthusiasts Flock to Bilkent for Mobile Days

On April 4, 5 and 6, Mobile Days, organized by Bilkent IEEE, brought the mobile technology platforms Android, iOS and Windows Phone together on the Bilkent University campus via a series of lectures and workshops. Application development, mobile security, marketing and start-up companies, along with everything else related to mobile technologies, were among the topics discussed at this huge technical event.

Forty-four speakers, all connected to mobile technology in various ways, gave presentations about their particular fields. The presentations were in both English and Turkish, since 10 of the speakers came from abroad. The speakers all had different fields of expertise: some, for example, were developers, while others were designers or marketing experts.

Those in attendance were able to learn about recent technologies, such as Project Tango—in fact, Mobile Days was the first such event to which the Tango device had been brought. Participants were also introduced to the concept of “selfless design” and Project Ara. Another highlight was the presentation of the Indie Phone project by the renowned user experience designer Aral Balkan. Participants also had a chance to try on a mobile virtual reality device and play games on the Google Glass. Overall, the event was a very interactive experience.

Another important part of Mobile Days consisted of workshops, including a number on developing applications for various mobile operating systems. In addition, Mobile Days offered participants a great opportunity to meet with the speakers and talk to these experts in person about their projects and experiences. Also, representatives from companies such as Paymentwall, Figensoft, Lydia and SmartFace were on hand to give information about their products and business ideas.

Over 800 individuals registered online to attend this year’s Mobile Days. Bilkent IEEE members expressed their satisfaction at the huge success of the event, and gratitude to both participants and speakers.