This Week at Bilkent Cinematics: Chinatown

19 November 2018 Comments Off on This Week at Bilkent Cinematics: Chinatown

Bilkent Cinematics will be screening Roman Polanski’s 1974 neo-noir mystery film classic, “Chinatown,” on Wednesday, November 21 at 6 p.m. in FB-309.

Written by Robert Towne and inspired by the California “water wars,” a series of disputes over southern California water, “Chinatown” is set in 1937. The central character in the film, private investigator J.J. “Jake” Gittes (Jack Nicholson), is hired by a woman identifying herself as Evelyn Mulwray to follow her husband, Hollis Mulwray, chief engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. But after he completes the job, the real Mrs. Mulwray (Faye Dunaway) shows up in his office. Gittes now finds himself investigating a bigger scheme than he had imagined: one involving the manipulation of a critical municipal resource – water – by a cadre of shadowy oligarchs.

Widely acclaimed by critics, and “as bruised and cynical as the decade that produced it,” the film “benefits from Robert Towne’s brilliant screenplay, director Roman Polanski’s steady hand, and wonderful performances from Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway.”

As with all Cinematics film screenings, the movie will be shown in its original language (English), with English subtitles; everyone is welcome to attend, and snacks and beverages will be served.

Bilkent Cinematics aims to bring film lovers together and create a community through film sessions and entertaining, thought-provoking post-screening discussions. Each semester the organization screens several films, all by great directors, in order to promote the development of film appreciation at Bilkent University and provide a forum where all interested persons can express their passion for film.

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