THM Instructors Provide Training to Merkez Orduevi Personnel

03 October 2016 Comments Off on THM Instructors Provide Training to Merkez Orduevi Personnel

2016-09-27-12-01-40-620-x-269This summer, Department of Tourism and Hotel Management instructors provided on-site training in hospitality services to personnel of the Merkez Orduevi, the central military guesthouse in Ankara.

The training course took place in morning and afternoon weekday sessions from May 23 to June 30; the first two weeks consisted of hygiene training and a restaurant service program. Programs in general management, behavior and etiquette, and basic/advanced food production started on June 6 and continued through the end of the month.

THM instructors Asst. Prof. Aykut Pekcan, Dr. Nuriye Örer, Mustafa Siyahhan, Ali Ünal and Elif Denizci conducted the training sessions. The attendees received certificates at a ceremony that took place on September 27 in the Kamelya banquet hall.

During the ceremony, the Merkez Orduevi manager, Colonel Tamer Özselçuk, noted the importance of such training and thanked the Bilkent instructors for introducing new technologies to Orduevi personnel. He also expressed his hope that Bilkent would conduct similar training programs for the Orduevi in the future.