Tourism and Hotel Management Department Awards Ceremony

14 May 2019 Comments Off on Tourism and Hotel Management Department Awards Ceremony

On May 8, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management celebrated the success of its graduating students at its annual awards ceremony. This year marked the 26th time the ceremony has taken place.

Supported and sponsored by leading institutions of Turkey’s tourism industry, the event started with a luncheon at the department’s practice restaurant, Le Piment Rouge. Following this, the Bilkent Hotel and Convention Center hosted the ceremony.

The recipients of the awards were determined by the votes of their fellow students, the department’s academic staff and managers of the hotels where they completed their semester-long internships. Criteria for selection included academic achievement, internship performance, contribution to the department and being a team player. This year’s awards went to Zahra Garagöz, Batuhan Aşar, Onur Berkay Özbayer, Melisa Tolunay, Eda Esma Şahin, Kaan Kutsal, Berfin İlsu Aksoy, Tarik Çelik, Doğukan Şahinoğlu, Alper Topçuoğlu, Oğuzhan Alkan, Mehveş Haksever, Nargiz Jalilova and Efe Şenyuva.

The day ended with a lottery, in which the prizes consisted of meals, hotel stays and other wonderful perks arranged by THM graduates working in management positions in the industry.