TRIN 371 Students Continue to Build Websites for Bilkent University

23 February 2016 Comments Off on TRIN 371 Students Continue to Build Websites for Bilkent University

Students taking TRIN 371 (Advanced Web Page Building) have been writing code for websites across the Bilkent campus for over 10 years.

“When I first started showing students how to build web pages in TRIN 371,” said Erin Maloney, instructor in the Department of Banking and Finance, “it was only part of a general computer course. But, beginning in 2005, I realized students could actually build web pages for departments or other entities across the Bilkent campus.”

This year, 11 students—10 from the Department of Translation and Interpretation and 1 from the Department of Electrical Engineering—have built web pages for the Department of Fine Arts, the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences, and the Center for Research in Transitional Societies. Coordinators for the three Bilkent entities were Agnieszka Srokosz (instructor, Department of Fine Arts), Prof. Halime Demirkan (director of the Graduate School) and Prof. Güliz Ger (director, CRTS).

Students in the course wrote extensive HTML and CSS code; modified hundreds of photographs; and edited prewritten but complicated code for web pages menus, a photo slider and photo galleries.

“For the first time this year,” said Ms. Maloney, “before deciding to use any prewritten code, the students ran beta tests, confirming that the code would work on basic mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.”

On February 5, students and project coordinators were invited to the fifth annual Web Page Wassail Party, at the home of Ms. Maloney and Dr. Jacques Morin (Department of Archaeology). Representing the Department of Fine Arts was Dr. Ayhan Altıntaş, dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture.

In the celebration photo are Ms. Maloney (BF); Buse Gülru Kadıoğlu, Beril Veziroğlu and Oğulcan Yayla (builders of the CRTS website); Dr. Altıntaş (dean of FADA); Teoman Kaya, Deniz Cömert and Melis Başaran (builders of the Fine Arts website, along with Ayşegül Gürzumar and Umut Çevrim, who were unable to attend the party); and Tanyeli Aşan and İlkyaz Sakçak (builders of the Graduate School website, along with Büşra İsfendiyar, also unable to attend the party). Also in the picture is Yoda the cat, who never participates in web page building, but always enjoys a good party.