UNAM Faculty to Publish Textbook on Nanotechnology in Biomedicine

19 October 2015 Comments Off on UNAM Faculty to Publish Textbook on Nanotechnology in Biomedicine

Dr. Mustafa Özgür Güler and Dr. Ayşe Begüm Tekinay have recently coauthored a new book, “Therapeutic Nanomaterials,” to be published by Wiley. Intended as a general-use textbook on the biomedical applications of nanotechnology, the book covers topics as diverse as implants, biosensors, tissue adhesives, drug delivery vectors and imaging techniques, and discusses the use of such devices and techniques in relation to the unique properties of specialized tissues such as bone, cartilage and the nervous system.

The design, development and in vitro (cell culture-based) and in vivo (animal-based) testing of next-generation nanomaterials is also outlined in the book, with emphasis on the physiological responses associated with wound healing and the modulation of the recovery process through the use of bioactive chemical groups. Recent advances in the design of three-dimensional culture scaffolds and the

merits and demerits of natural, synthetic and hybrid materials are among the topics discussed in this context.

The authors state that the book will serve as a suitable introduction to materials science and its use in diagnostics and therapeutics for the interested student or medical practitioner.