Uniting in Ankara to Support Women–Men Equality in Computing

07 March 2017 Comments Off on Uniting in Ankara to Support Women–Men Equality in Computing

The Women in Computing (BilWiC) Club is organizing the ACM-W Ankara Celebration of Women in Computing, to be held on March 11-12, to support the equality of women and men in computing.

The Celebration of Women in Computing is being organized in 23 countries around the world this year; it will be the first time it has been held in Turkey. At the event, women from different branches of computer science will be giving speeches. Any student or professional who is studying, working or simply interested in computing will gain new and valuable insights at this meeting of minds.


Reyyan Ayfer – Chair, ACM-W Europe

Aslı Arbel – Corporate Communications Lead, Microsoft Turkey

Gülşah Yılmaz – Senior Analytical Lead, Google

Elis Yılmaz – Co-Founder and Entrepreneur, Stajim.net

Sezen Sungur Saral – Founding Partner and VP, reeder

Ayşe Tartan Özocak – Technical Account Manager, Microsoft

Berrak Uyar Yenal – Commercial and Corporate Credits Manager, Intertech

The event is open to all, including both men and women of any age, and will be held in Turkish.

For more details and tickets: http://acwic.org/