Using Songs to Travel: Tropical House

13 November 2017 Comments Off on Using Songs to Travel: Tropical House


Read the word “summer.” Now, if you’re thinking about booze, bikinis and dawdling under the sun at a beach club, sharing stories of yourself and other people wagging on a platform with a DJ on Snapchat, it’s highly likely that you’ll not relate to what’s coming. Summer, to me, is a sensuous experience, by virtue of its scents, colors and sounds. You’re lying on a towel, face downward; you don’t think about how nice towels feel on a regular basis, but lying there, you inspect every loop and knot. What you smell is a mix of sun lotion and salty water; you’re covered with both. You turn your head sideways, and let your arms hang loose; what you see is blue and yellow circles between your eyelashes, a play of light by the burning sun. Ideally, you’re on a boat and not a crowded beach where kids scream their brains out and songs like “Mr. Worldwide” by Pitbull play from a playlist that’s destined to repeat all day long. What you’re listening to at that magical moment is called Tropical House. It’s not a genre without rotten apples, so don’t expect a Spotify playlist to provide you with the best. I wouldn’t go so far as to claim that my suggestions are the best either, but they do offer a good place to start.

Fade Into the Sun – Lulleaux Edit (Duncan de Moor)
What makes this song surprisingly good is the unexpected violin solo in it. The whole song has this sweet tempo, accompanied by the beautiful voice of Duncan de Moor (who came out of “The Voice of Holland”), and then you have these almost adventurous upbeats, which make you fade away with the sun:)

Run – Lost Frequencies Radio Edit (Emma Bale)
As popular as he is, Lost Frequencies has produced some great examples of the type of music I’m suggesting here. This song, in particular, translates into summer breezes, and the happiness of being just where you are.

Book of Love – Felix Jaehn (ft. Polina)
Well, who am I to deny the sexiness of this song? This is definitely a summer night: you have an awesome tan, you’re dressed up just the right amount, and there’s nothing that can go wrong.

Rivers – Thomas Jack
T-R-O-P-I-C-A-L it is! You can’t listen to this and not cheer up. The expectation of going on holiday like the very first day of your summer could be hidden in this song. (Unless you’re doing summer school, which is the opposite of everything you’ve read up to this line, due to the landlocked nature of our beloved city.)

The Way You Want Me – Lucky Rose (ft. Yan Etchevary)
If you were fortunate enough to have a summer house while growing up, and had a summer girlfriend/boyfriend or even a crush, you’ll remember that experience when listening to this. I didn’t have that opportunity, but I remember visiting a distant relative’s house in a coastal city. Everyone in the development knew each other; there were older kids, younger kids, everyone was outside, late nights, all-nighters, prank calls, swimming contests, summer love. I don’t even remember meeting anyone there, let alone falling in love, but even so, this song reminds me of that sparkling moment.

Cold Ain’t For Me – Oceans
With its lyrics, sound and overall tone, this is a great closure to my list of tropical house offerings. The song is a good-bye to a lover, but it’s a good sunset song as well. Like the end credits, it has the idea of summer wrapped up in it, and on top of that it’s a tribute.
Of course we’re nowhere close to summer, so I apologize for any imagery that may have depressed you 🙂 .