Volunteers Gather in Ankara to Discuss “Life Without Barriers”

24 April 2019 Comments Off on Volunteers Gather in Ankara to Discuss “Life Without Barriers”

On April 13 and 14, the student volunteer organization TDP held its third Volunteerism Summit. This year’s event, which focused on the theme “Life Without Barriers,” took place at the TBB Litai Guest House.

The summit opened with introductory remarks by TDP General Coordinator Elif Aydoğdu, and proceeded with presentations by speakers with expertise in a variety of fields.

The first session was presented by Bülent Kelleci and Şule Sepin İçli, who discussed “The Rights of People With Disabilities.” Next, Assoc. Prof. Yasemin Afacan, acting chair of the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, spoke about “Disability and the Importance of the Needs of Disabled People in Housing Design.” Adem Güneşdoğdu’s topic was “The World of Education for People With Disabilities,” while Sultan Toraman discussed “Education with Children with Disabilities.” Ozan Bahar then spoke about “Dreams Without Limitations.”

On the second day of the summit, activities that included volunteer sharing, theater and a sign language workshop took place.

The purpose of TDP’s annual Volunteerism Summit is to create social awareness. Participants travel to Ankara from all provinces of Turkey to help develop a social responsibility network and a sense of unity, as well as to learn more about social issues and exchange information about activities and projects.