What’s It Like to Be at Bilkent?

02 December 2013 Comments Off on What’s It Like to Be at Bilkent?


Name: Ferah Edip

Age: 22

Department: International Relations

Home Country: United Kingdom

What is your experience of spending time in Ankara and at Bilkent University?

Living in Europe and coming to Turkey was a big change. When I first came to Ankara and Bilkent University, I did not feel myself comfortable. Transportation was a problem for me since Europe is very organized compared to Turkey. Regarding Bilkent, I thought that there was a lack of diversity on the campus and some students were like people who show off. Moreover, I had some language problems; blending in with Turkish people was not easy. Then eventually the city and the university grew on me, and I gradually started to like it more and more. Turkey has been a wonderful experience and an adventure for me. I am so glad I came here and did something extraordinary instead of studying in Europe. I also wanted to improve my Turkish. I am studying IR; Turkey is a politically dynamic country and I feel like I am improving as an IR scholar.

Where do you most enjoy spending time on campus?

I spend most of my time on campus around Coffee Break.