What’s It Like to Be at Bilkent?

16 December 2013 Comments Off on What’s It Like to Be at Bilkent?


Name: Erik Boender
Age: 25
Department: IR
Home Country and University: Sweden, Malmö University
First word in Turkish: “Merhaba”
What is your experience of spending time in Ankara and at Bilkent University?
My experience of spending time in Ankara is generally good; it’s a big city with a lot to offer, especially compared to Malmö. When it comes to Bilkent, I really like it that there are different places to go to and spend time (i.e., the Library, Starbucks, Speed).
If you compare the education systems at Bilkent University and your home university, what are the differences?
The system at Bilkent is completely different from that at my university in Sweden. In Sweden I have my courses one by one in clusters of five to ten weeks, and then they’re finished. We don’t have anything like midterms or finals. I usually finish my courses by writing an essay and doing a group presentation.
Do you think that the student network for Erasmus exchange students at Bilkent works effectively?
I think the student network works quite well at Bilkent; they really helped us at the beginning by showing us the campus, arranging for our residence permits and organizing some nice field trips.
Where do you most enjoy spending your time on campus?
I live in the city, so I don’t spend that much time on campus apart from classes. Whenever I have some time in between classes I just get some coffee and do some work wherever there’s some space.