What’s It Like to Be at Bilkent?

18 November 2013 Comments Off on What’s It Like to Be at Bilkent?


Name: Maheen Aziz
Department: International Relations
Age: 22
Home Country: Pakistan
First Sentence in Turkish: Naber Kanki?
What is your experience of spending time in Ankara and at Bilkent University? 
I’ve been living in Ankara for almost 4 years now, and I have really grown to love the city. The people are very nice and hospitable, and I feel lucky to have made very good friends. Bilkent University is definitely a great institution with world-class facilities, and I feel proud to be a student here.
Where do you most enjoy spending time on campus?
The campus is very large, and there are several nice places to hang out, but if I had to choose one, I would say I like sitting outside near the main fountain, because I like being outdoors, and one can enjoy a nice view of the campus from there.