Zumba Lights Up October Nights

04 November 2019 Comments Off on Zumba Lights Up October Nights

Fall evenings may be getting dark and chilly, but two different Zumba classes definitely lit up – and warmed up! – the night at the Main Sports Hall on October 22 and 30. Both events were part of the Physical Education and Sports Center’s “Sports as a Way of Life” program.

On Tuesday, October 22, around 120 participants gathered for a Zumba master class, which featured choreography by Ahsen Küçükdurmaz, Akile Ala and Esin Yıldız. Everyone had fun dancing their way to fitness, to the accompaniment of Latin rhythms pumped out by a special light and sound system.

The following Wednesday, October 30, the Latin beat went on, as a STRONG By Zumba master class featuring choreography by Master Trainer İlker Dural attracted 105 fitness enthusiasts eager to push their limits. While STRONG workouts incorporate strength and interval training, like other Zumba variants they use music and lighting to keep everyone moving and create a party vibe.