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Volume 10, Number 1
23 September 2003

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New Election System for the Student Council

In the new elections, each class of each department will elect one student as the class representative in each of the two- or four-year programs. Preparatory school students of a particular department will also elect their preparatory class representative. Thus, a four-year department will have 5 students as class representatives and a two-year department will have 3 students as class representatives.
In this stage of the elections, all registered students who are in attendance will vote electronically using designated computers to elect their class representatives: the first electronic election at a university in Turkey.
The class representatives of a department will in turn elect one Department Representative among themselves.
The department representatives in a faculty or school will elect among themselves the Faculty/School Representative.
Since there are 14 faculties and schools, 14 student representatives will now form the University Student Council. The Council will elect five of its members (one president, one general secretary and three vice presidents) to form the Executive Committee of the Student Council.
The new Student Council Regulations, the Election Calendar, Application Form for candidacy for class representation, and other information will be published in upcoming issues of Bilkent News.
The same information will also be available on the university web pages at:

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