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Volume 10, Number 1
23 September 2003

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Just when I was really getting used to lying around all day, watching tv, going to the beach and chatting about anything other than classes, homework and exams- what happens?! My dad, yet again, brings me back to Ankara. I could tell he was enjoying this, although I didnít want to give him the satisfaction of being the one to end my summer holidays. But you know what, I was secretly pleased to be actually returning to Bilkent. Yeah, yeah I know you donít, believe my answer, and probably think someone is making me write this, but guess what- itís true! I have to admit life at Bilkent is like an addiction. An addiction to living a busy life, always having something to do, whether its classes, exams, working out at the gym, going to the movies or even just hanging out with your friends.
At Bilkent, all of these things are much more enjoyable and, funny enough, time consuming. Why? I have no idea, but now that I think about it, it all started when
I was a freshmen (oh noooo a trip down memory lane, heheh) I came to Bilkent not knowing a single person, and boy was I scared. Itís hard for the first time, living on your own, especially in such a big campus. Iím sure weíve all felt like that, looking at everybody and wondering when weíll have friends and be enjoying ourselves.
Then you look down and a-ha! You see a program in your hand, something called orientation. Strange words look back at you, you realize nearly every hour of the day thereís somewhere to go and something to do. You get excited, you think to yourself ĎIíll just go to one and see what its all aboutí you end up saying to yourself - hmm not bad, Iíll just go to one more to exactly understand this Ďthingí that is slowly becoming a part of my lifeí. And thatís how it happened!! (sniff sniff) before I knew it I was like others rushing from one place to another, it was like an addiction, once you got a taste of it you wanted more, the more you ate the tastier it got.
Then all of a sudden it hits you (blonk!) the whole year has gone by in a wink of an eye and itís been so busy yet so fun. Now you start wondering - what will you do without these activities?? Yep, thatís when the summer holidays suddenly seem veeerry long. But anyway! We are all back, some of our friends graduated, some new ones have joined us. What brings us all together and makes us one is that we are all a part of this life at Bilkent which is full of new experiences, entertainment and hard work. Welcome back to Bilkent!

Sibel Muradoūlu (ELIT/IV)

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